Girls Inc. Summer Camp Arts Program Helps Girls be Smarter

Girls Inc Power Girl

Teachers trust the Van Wezel to deliver high-quality content that meets their expectations.” — Kelli Maldonado, Education Director, Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

This summer, Girls, Inc. members throughout Sarasota County are having fun while learning valuable lessons online. With Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall’s Teaching Artists, these girls are learning about math through movement, literacy through storytelling and science through visual arts. Just last week, girls learned about Florida wildlife and how fur and skin is suited for warm and humid climates, and how artists can show this texture in two-dimensional drawing. Students then created bookmarks based on the animals they learned about, creating a piece of art from the science lesson. The Van Wezel’s model has allowed students to interact with other classrooms virtually – sharing ideas and laughs with students outside of their four walls. And the impact is real. One young girl, logging off from a virtual backstage tour and workshop exclaimed “this was the best thing ever!” These arts integration experiences are part of a remote learning pilot* the Van Wezel Hall is conducting with students and teachers this summer to ensure lessons used in classrooms this fall meet the high academic standards and expectations of educators.

*This pilot program is funded by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County.

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