Our Mission
The mission of the Sarasota Performing Arts Center Foundation (also known as Van Wezel Foundation) is to create and sustain a vibrant performing arts center, advance education, and enrich communities by inspiring minds through the power of the arts.

Questions about the new Sarasota Performing Arts Center?
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Your Support in action

Over 15 million dollars donated to the Van Wezel to fund capital improvements, programming and arts education.
Arts education: 58,000 students, teachers and families have access to meaningful arts experiences each year.
30 years serving our mission.
Over 1 million tickets donated to veterans, seniors and low income families.

Sarasota Performing Arts Center

Throughout the conception and development process of the City of Sarasota’s master plan for the Sarasota Bayfront, there was one vision that remained steadfast: to build The Sarasota Performing Arts Center as a venue that best serves future generations and represents the wishes and desires of our community based on direct engagement, feedback and insight.




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